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AIESEC offers 6 week to 12 month paid teaching positions for university students and graduates looking to share culture and language around the world. With minimal teaching experience required, you'll gain real world experience and impact the lives around the world while getting paid. No TESL/TEFL certifications or second language necessary. Participants of the program develop strong communication, written, technical , and interpersonal skills that are transferrable to any workplace they want to impact in the future.

*Must be graduated or within the last 2 years of university to qualify.


Round 1 Applications due Feb 12
All Global Talent Teaching positions are full-time paid positions. The salaries are to cover your cost of living like housing, food, and transportation and vary by opportunity. The $700 fee covers the services from AIESEC like preparation and development seminars, support with visas, and support acclimating to the local culture/city. Must be graduated or in last 2 years of University to qualify.


1. Sign Up & Create Account

Create and complete your account on aiesec.org

2. Apply & Interview

Apply to the teaching opportunities that interest you & interview

3. Sign Contract & Pay Fee

Once accepted, you'll  sign the contract & pay the $700 program fee

4. Get all Documents

Get your necessary visas (if needed) and official documents.

5. Arrive & Teach!

Once in the country, you will work in your classroom with the kids!

6. Complete Closing Surveys

Once back in Canada, you need to complete the necessary surveys.
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Why Global Talent?

The global youth unemployment rate is expected to reach 13.1% in 2017. This is an increase by half a million to 71 million - the first such increase in 3 years. -The International Labour Organization (ILO)

Internships provide practical skills and open doors into various organizations.

At AIESEC we believe that the skills gained from interning abroad will build better leaders for businesses and the world tomorrow. That's why we are committed to sending youth abroad through the Global talent Program.